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Chinese Calligraphy Workshop


On May 6th, we hosted a distinctive cultural exchange event centered around calligraphy. Esteemed Calligraphy Artist Yumiao Li graced us with her presence and enabled the attendees to personally encounter the allure of Chinese calligraphy.


Chinese calligraphy is an ancient and revered art form boasting a rich history spanning over 3,000 years. Rooted deeply within Chinese cultural traditions, it uniquely combines the realms of words, paintings, and poetry. Throughout this event, the audience had the invaluable opportunity to delve into the historical background and techniques of Chinese calligraphy while actively participating in the creation of their own artistic masterpieces.


At the event venue, our seasoned calligrapher passionately introduced the audience to the origins, development, and distinguishing characteristics of Chinese calligraphy. She offered elaborate explanations regarding various calligraphy styles and techniques, sharing her own personal experiences garnered from years of calligraphic practice. The audience listened attentively, fostering not only a deeper comprehension of the historical context of Chinese calligraphy but also a profound appreciation for its artistic significance and essence.


Subsequently, the audience eagerly embraced the opportunity to personally immerse themselves in the charm of Chinese calligraphy. Ms. Li patiently guided each participant in their brush-holding posture and stroke techniques, enabling them to experience the graceful dance of the brush upon the paper. With heartfelt dedication, the attendees gradually acquired proficiency in the fundamental brushwork and structure, infusing their emotions and thoughts into every stroke and character.


The ambiance was permeated with the fragrance of ink and the air was charged with an artistic energy. The audience became engrossed in the act of writing, forging a tangible connection with traditional Chinese culture. Each created piece encapsulated the audience's profound affection for Chinese calligraphy and their unwavering pursuit of artistic excellence.

Museum of Asian Art


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