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Lectures on Understanding and Collecting Traditional Chinese Art


In recent years, with the continuous promotion of Chinese culture and the rapid development of its art market, more and more people have started investing in this field. However, as people's enthusiasm grows higher, it must be noted that China's history spans thousands of years, and there are many treasures; the market has gradually become more mixed, and it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false. Therefore, on May 13th, Heritage Museum of Asian Art specially invited two experts, Annie Wu, the Vice President and Senior Specialist in Asian Works of Art at Hindman Auction House, and her colleague Specialist Flora Zhang, with their rich experience in Asian art, to provide valuable insight and knowledge on collecting Chinese artefacts.

The lecture was divided into two sessions, one in English and one in Chinese. Simultaneous online live broadcasts were also arranged to meet the needs of audiences with limited accessibility. The experts prepared the slides very carefully, and discussed how to start one's journey into Chinese traditional art collection, the market situation of cultural relics collections, valuable experience and collection appreciation skills, as well as their insights on the current trend of Chinese art.

The content shared by the experts mainly about the following aspects:

- Insight on starting a collection journey: The experts shared their personal motivations to start collecting Chinese art, which included the love of traditional Chinese culture and personal experiences during travel. This provided participants with inspiration and perspectives to think about.

- State of the cultural relics collection market: Experts introduced the current market conditions of cultural relics collections in China and the United States, and provided an understanding of market trends and value changes. This helped participants make informed decisions when investing and trading in art.

- Learn with free resources: Experts explained how to make the most of the Chicago Museums' collections to maximize your learning. This was a valuable suggestion for participants to understand that opportunities to learn about cultural relics are not limited to books and the Internet.

- The use of cultural relics auction platforms: experts shared the skills of reasonable bidding, investment and transactions on cultural relics auction platforms. This provided participants with the ability to be more confident and independent in the field of collecting, allowing them to better participate in the market.

- The development trend and experience summary of artworks: experts discussed the current development trends of artworks, including the digitization of artworks, etc. They also shared their experiences and lessons learned, providing valuable guidance and inspiration to the participants.

Through the comprehensive explanations given by the experts, the on-site and online audience expressed that they benefited a lot and actively raised their own questions, which the experts patiently answered one by one. The on-site discussion was very lively, and the originally planned 3-hour lecture was extended to nearly 4 hours before it ended. In the future, the Heritage Asian Art Museum will continue to launch related lectures and activities on Asian culture to continue to promote Asian culture and provide a platform for everyone to understand and communicate with Asian culture.

Museum of Asian Art


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