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Since the reopening in October 2022, Heritage Asian Museum has been providing free explanations of the exhibits on the third Friday of every month. In this event, we presented exhibits and explanations from many countries to the majority of Asian culture lovers. At the same time, we provided wine, cheese, snacks and professional introductions from experienced guides.

This month's event deserves special mention as we usher in AAPI Month. In order to celebrate and commemorate the contributions of Asian-Pacific Americans, Heritage began to prepare carefully at the beginning of this year to bring more exciting exhibits and experiences to the audience. At the same time, we also opened a new scholar gallery for everyone to visit which will last 6 months. Themed on the life scenes of scholars in the late Qing Dynasty, this room shows the real arrangement of tables and chairs, wardrobes, sofa beds, bookshelves and so on. This new exhibition adds more historical and cultural elements, making this month's 3rd Friday event the most booked and visited since it was held.

During the event, the guides actively interacted with the visitors, answered their questions and communicated further. The docents provided detailed interpretations and shared background knowledge of various cultures and arts in Asia. Through the interaction with the audience, we jointly explored the charm of multiculturalism and deepened our understanding and appreciation of art from various countries.

Heritage is very grateful for the support and participation of all walks of life on the 3rd Friday, especially the enthusiastic response to this AAPI month event. Whether it is audiences from different backgrounds and cultures, or people with a passion for art and history, the participation of more people makes this event full of opportunities for different groups of people to understand and communicate with each other.

It is precisely because more and more people are more and more interested in Asian culture that Heritage's 3rd Friday free explanation activities continue to be successfully held and the number of visitors continues to grow. In the future, Heritage will continue to work hard to bring you more colorful cultural activities and wonderful art experiences.

Museum of Asian Art


Heritage Museum of Asian Art is a non-profit organization with IRS 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status. 

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