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Heartfulness Meditation


On May 28th, Heritage Asian Art Museum invited Jan Zhou, a senior meditator, as a guest to hold a deep meditation activity. The event attracted 5 participants who love to meditate. The lecturer began with an introduction to Heartfulness Meditation, which she describes as a simple and subtle meditation practice that connects each of us deeply with our inner light and love.


At a later event, the instructor explained in depth the many benefits of meditation. First of all, meditation can make people better at self-exploration, cultivate self-awareness, and improve their perception ability to accept and process external signals. People who meditate regularly will also have stronger empathy and acceptance, and can better tolerate the small shortcomings of themselves and others, which is very beneficial for improving interpersonal communication skills. In addition, meditation can also improve emotional management skills, relieve negative emotions, and promote mental health. Surprisingly, meditation can also enhance memory and improve sleep quality.


Afterwards, the lecturer led everyone to start a 20-minute meditation practice. It should be noted that during the entire meditation process, everyone's thoughts will be more or less erratic. At this time, it is necessary to work hard to focus back and maintain inner peace, so as to enter a deep meditation state. In the last free communication time, many participants expressed that they felt relaxed after meditation and their mood became more joyful.


Through this meditation activity, participants not only learned the principles and methods of mindfulness meditation, but also experienced the benefits of meditation. During the process of relaxing, the participants felt inner peace and joy, and their emotions were released and adjusted. Meditation allows us to pay more attention to our inner voice, improves self-awareness and perception, and makes us better at connecting with ourselves and others. This event not only brought the participants personal spiritual joy, but also provided a platform for mutual communication, sharing and growth.

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