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On June 8, 2014, in its inaugural exhibition, the Heritage Museum of Asian Art in Chicago had a rare opportunity to exhibit the Feng Wen Tang "Susan Chen" Collection of Archaic Jades and Agates. This exquisite collection consisted of more than 100 pieces spanning the Neolithic period to the Song Dynasty. The range of ritual jade objects include axes, dagger axes, plaques, blades, pendants, ornaments, rings, and collared discs, as well as a rare jade face mask. The early agates date from the Warring States to the Six Dynasties periods, and include sword fittings, buckles, plaques, pendants, beads, ornaments and utensils. This collection was assembled by Susan Chen, who had a lifelong love affair with Chinese art.


This catalog consists of two editions:

Embracing Both Colorful Panorama Quartz Family

The Immortality and Spirit of Archaic Jade


Published by the Heritage Museum of Asian Art

A Fabulous Saga: Early Imperial China Treasures from Susan Chen Collection

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