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Free Museum Tour for Children


On May 27th, Heritage Museum of Asian Art welcomed a group of special visitors—children and teenagers. This is the first time that the museum has organized a free tour for such an audience. A total of about 50 people made reservations online and offline. The staff and volunteers of the museum devoted themselves to providing a unique experience for every visiting child.


After the activity started, the whole explanation process was full of interaction and participation. The children asked questions curiously and showed a strong interest in Asian culture. They kept asking questions, hoping to gain a deeper understanding of Asian history and traditions. The staff and volunteers of the museum patiently answered every question and told them about the wonderfulness of Asian culture. This kind of active interaction makes the whole explanation process more lively and interesting, and the children gain more knowledge as a result.


After the tour, the museum specially prepared a wonderful game. Each child got a map with ten cultural relics from all the galleries marked on the map. Their task was to find the corresponding cultural relics on the map and paste a special sticker on the corresponding position. For the children who completed the tasks accurately, the museum also presented some small prizes to commend their efforts and accuracy. In addition, these children also got the opportunity to visit for free next time, which undoubtedly increased their motivation to participate in the activity.


The children were very active and hardworking on this task. They were looking for cultural relics with great interest, while communicating with each other cheerfully. The whole atmosphere was full of vitality and joy, with laughter and cheers one after another. Every child showed great enthusiasm in the process of searching, which in turn ignited the surrounding individuals, elevating the entire activity to a lively and captivating experience.


The AAPI Monthly Children and Teens Tour provided an unforgettable opportunity for little ones to discover the wonders of Asian culture through museum visits. Through interactive tours and games, the children not only learned more about Asian culture and history, but also gained friends and happiness. In the future, Heritage Museum of Asian Art will continue to hold similar activities to bring more children and teenagers a deeper understanding of Asian culture.

Museum of Asian Art


Heritage Museum of Asian Art is a non-profit organization with IRS 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status. 

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