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Neolithic Period Ceramic Ware Workshop

On May 7th, the second workshop of this month unfolded as an unforgettable exposition on ceramic culture, accompanied by hands-on experiences, and was graciously hosted by the esteemed ceramic artist Xingrui Xu. Commencing with an exploration of the Neolithic pottery works housed in the museum's collection, the attendees diligently followed Mr. Xu's instructions to acquire pottery-making skills and attain a comprehensive understanding of the world of ancient ceramics.


The focal point of this event centered around Chinese Neolithic pottery, propelling the audience on a captivating voyage through time and space within the realm of ceramics. With eloquence and simplicity, Mr. Xu vividly elucidated the historical backdrop and singular allure of Chinese Neolithic pottery, enabling the audience to develop a more profound comprehension and appreciation of ceramic culture.


Within the event venue, museum staff and artists meticulously arranged a series of interactive sessions, crafted to facilitate hands-on learning. The attendees engaged in the art of ceramic creation by actively partaking in practical exercises, mirroring the provided examples. The activities encompassed various aspects of pottery production, including kneading, shaping, glazing, painting, and sculpting. Mr. Xu personally demonstrated the techniques and pivotal aspects of each step, concurrently sharing his extensive experience garnered over years of pottery creation. The audience wholeheartedly immersed themselves in the process, experiencing the tactile warmth of the clay in their hands while seamlessly infusing their own creative flair into their endeavors.


The ambiance resonated with joyous laughter and brimmed with an abundance of creative zeal. Under Mr. Xu's expert guidance, the audience embarked on an exploration of the mystique surrounding pottery. Some ardently dedicated themselves to kneading the clay, meticulously crafting their own ceramic creations with heartfelt devotion. Others employed delicate brushes to outline unique patterns, while a select few exhibited their exquisite carving skills, infusing life into their artistic endeavors. Each session presented novel challenges, sparking endless wells of creativity, as each attendee expressed their boundless imagination and creativity.

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